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Japan 2020Shinpuhkan

7F / 2BF

We designed a hotel in the center of Kyoto that a street passes through and is thus connected to the street. The history of Kyoto as a city has been a history of searching for how to have streets weave their way through the city in 120 meter long square blocks that originated in China, and how to introduce human scale and texture into these blocks. We thought that we wanted to have the hotel be more like an extension of the street rather than an isolated structure that occupies the space. This is in essence the philosophy of ACE HOTEL which has brought about a revolution in 21st century hotels.

We first focused on preserving the Former Kyoto Central Telephone Exchange which was designed by Tetsuro Yoshida (1894-1956), one of the pioneers of modern architecture in Japan, channeling a street between the new building and the one designed by Tetsuro Yoshida, and created another street from that one that heads towards Higashi-Notoin Street at the rear. Three types of human materials were used for the new building in order to play a new type of jazz in Kyoto on top of the streets: “Tokyou” that are made by assembling wooden members, aluminum louvers that randomly fluctuate, and ink black precast concrete which contains iron oxide.

Team Hiroaki Akiyama, Ryuya Yamawaki, Yohei Mochizuki, Takumi Nakahara*, Yuki Ikeguchi, Kenji Miyahara Cooperation NTT Facilities Facility Obayashi Corporation, Tonets Corporation, EXEO Group Exterior PLACEMEDIA, Landscape Architects Collaborative Illumination Modulex Award Prix Versailles 2021 (Continental Level) – Hotels category, Good Design Award 2021 Publication Casa BRUTUS 2024/04 , Casa BRUTUS 2021/03 vol.251 , Nikkei Architecture 2020/12/24 No.1182 , Nikkei Architecture 2020/12/24 No.1182 , Casa BRUTUS 2020/01 No.238 , Nikkei Architecture 2020/09/10 No.1175 , Shinkenchiku 2020/09 , Nikkei Architecture 2020/07/09 No.1171 , Shoten Kenchiku 2020/06 , Shoten Kenchiku 2020/06 , Casa BRUTUS 2020/04 Vol.241 , Nikkei Architecture 2019/08/08 , Nikkei Architecture 2019/01/24 No.1136 , Nikkei Architecture 2018/05/24 No.1120 , Nikkei Architecture 2018/01/25 Photography ©︎ Kawasumi-Kobayashi Kenji Photograph Office