© Keishin Horikoshi / SS

Japan 2024Suntory Masakazu Yamazaki Salon AΣTEION

Office | Interior

We designed a memorial salon for Mr. Masakazu Yamazaki who played a central role in the establishment and operation of the Suntory Foundation on the third floor of the Suntory Tokyo Headquarters.
The walls are filled with 4,000 books that comprise a portion of Mr. Yamazaki’s collection, and his study was recreated in the central portion, using a bronze mesh wall and one side of his luminous ceiling. His desk, chair and stationery items have been placed in the status in which they were used in space that is filled with soft special light.
We wanted many people to have the opportunity to feel the “soft individualism” that Mr. Yamazaki advocated through the ambience of this study.

Team Minoru Yokoo, Yoshinori Yaguchi, Shoki An, Yoo Shiho Construction Obayashi Corporation Photography ©︎ Keishin Horikoshi/SS