Japan 2023The Three Sacred Treasures for Yaesu St. Parklet


To get out of the concrete box and enjoy the outdoors more, we redesigned three Japanese typologies “Casa” (umbrella,) “hibachi” (fire bowl,) and “tatami” (floor mat,) and named them the “Three Sacred Treasures”.
The solar-powered casa provides warm light when it gets dark, and when connected with a watertight zipper, it becomes a large pergola for people to gather.
The foldable hibachi, developed from the mechanism of a Japanese umbrella is equipped with a heater to warm a small drink.
Waterproof tatami mats that can be connected by zippers create a comfortable place to go barefoot anywhere.

Team Shoji Oshio, Tomohiro Matsunaga, Takumi Kozuki, Mio Hirai, Kohyoh Yang Construction 日吉屋(HIYOSHIYA)