© Kotaro Imada

Japan 2023Kitoushi no Mori Kitoron


Hot spring resort on a hill with a view of Higashikawa town in Hokkaido.
Located on the same grassy plain as KKAA Hokkaido Satellite Office, considered to be the navel of Hokkaido.
The exterior walls are covered with larch from Hokkaido, locally cut birch was extensively used for the interior, and birch was also used to make the furniture together with woodworkers from Higashikawa.
There is an amphitheater deck that naturally blends with the top of the sharp-pointed roof and the nearby Daisetsuzan peaks.

Design:Institute of Interior Architecture Inc.
Design Supervision:Kengo Kuma & Associates

Team Takashi Taguchi, Tomomi Sekiguchi, Yoo Shiho, Junlin Chen*, Kyoko Mase Photography ©︎ Kotaro Imada