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Japan 2001Ginzan Onsen Hot Spring Bath House


We built a small communal bathhouse that can be used by local citizens and tourists on a triangular shaped site located at the edge of Ginzan Onsen where there are 14 hot spring inns.

The outer walls are covered with screens that have details traditionally used in houses in Japan called Muso Koshi. This type of screen was created as a structural detail that enables ventilation and lets light in during an age when glass was not available. The use of Muso Koshi screens made from wood and opaque acrylic panels with this project created a delicate subtle light effect that transcends conventional Muso Koshi screens.

Team Hiroshi Nakamura* Cooperation Shigeru Aoki Labo Facility 矢萩建築設備設計室 Publication Casa BRUTUS 2007/03 Vol.84 , Casa BRUTUS 2002/12 Vol.33 , Shinkenchiku 2001/11 , GA JAPAN 53 , DETAIL 2001/10 No.150 Photography ©︎ Mitsumasa Fujitsuka