© Erieta Attali

Turkey 2019Odunpazarı Modern Museum


The Odunpazari Modern Art Museum is located in the ancient city of Eskisehir. The site which is called Odunpazari (meaning wood bazaar) still has quite a few human-scale two- and three-story wooden buildings from the age of the Ottoman Turks in the surrounding area. We divided the museum into segments that consist of a collection of small boxes with the objective of achieving harmony with this townscape. A feeling unique to wood and warm texture have been achieved by stacking these respective wooden boxes that are made from pieces of lumber.

In addition, fluid space has been configured by stacking lumber pieces with the same dimensions while shifting them slightly, creating a warm and dynamic ambiance not found in conventional art museums.

Team Yuki Ikeguchi, Yasemin Sahiner, Wai Yiu Man, Anteo Taro Boschi Sanada Construction Polimeks Holdings Cooperation SIGMA Facility TEMA Engineering And Consulting Trade Illumination Modulex Others Ateknik Structural Design Publication GA JAPAN 162 , GA DOCUMENT 153 , GA DOCUMENT 142 INTERNATIONAL 2017 Photography ©︎ Erieta Attali, ©︎ NAARO