Oribe Tea House


Oribe Tea House

Exhibition title: Gensei Oribe Zanmai Fair
Venue: Ceramics Park Mino / 4-2-5 Higashi-cho Tajimi-shi Gifu Prefecture, Japan
2005.04.22 – 2005.05.08
Tea House Pavillion

A temporary, mobile tea room. Corrugated plastic boards 5mm thick are arrayed at 65mm intervals and fixed together using banding bands. Once the bands are unfastened, the tea room returns to an assembly of cheap elements, making it easy to move. The entire form resembles an irregularly-shaped cocoon, and is an homage to Furuta Oribe’s deformed tea ceremony bowl.

GA Japan 78
AXIS 2005.8
Pen no.190
CASA Vogue 2009.8

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