Canada 2023Moku-Yama

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Moku-Yama means “wood mountain.” We worked with Earthscape to devise a modular wooden playground that is simple, playful, and beautiful. It is inhabitable artwork that is both abstract and lighthearted. Our philosophy embraces a strong connection between people and nature, which extends to children and adults alike. Instilling this love for the natural world is an important aspect of our design, and for this project we look toward childhood imagination and a sense of wonder.

Several configurations of smoothed Alaskan Yellow Cedar segments appear as collected piles, with pieces fastened with hidden connections, creating a climbable terrain above and cave-like hiding spaces below. These align and continue for almost endless arrangements and widening scales. The wood currently sports a neutral and natural range of colors, while future options offer a more whimsical palette. Above, below, behind, in front, over, and under: this is an interactive timber landscape with no predetermined story. Those who play with Moku-Yama make their own.

Team Richard Nelson, Jennifer Lai, Albertina Moreno, Kevin Clement, Balazs Bognar Construction Earthscape Cooperation Earthscape Accumulation Earthscape Photography ©︎ Earthscape