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France 2017Le Nuage

Pavilion | Exhibition

The aluminum cloud -A poetic and spectacular installation.
The cloud tells the story of TECHNAL through the sculptural presentation of the raw material of the products: the extruded aluminum profile. It magnifies the propertiesand qualities of aluminum: the fineness of the profiles, the lightness,and the transparency. The tensegrity structure floats above the stand. It composes a constellation of metal and light which envelops the exhibition spaces.This monumental, evanescent, precious,and elegant chandelier constitutes the breadcrumb trail thataccompanies the journey and punctuates it with kinetic effects.
A tensegrity structure.
Tensegrity: term used in architecture and biology to designate self-stable structures, combining “islands of compression in an ocean of tensions”. By connecting barsusing cables, we can create a rigid system. The main advantages of this system are its lightness, its minimal consumption of raw materials and above all, its flexibility and flexibility, associated with great strength.The tensegrity modules are made of three aluminum tubes 40 mm in diameter. By assembling several modules together, we create a cloud of aluminum.
A bright cloud.
Fluorescent tubes float inside the cloud, creating the illusion of a cloud of light.Fifty neon tubes are suspended from the structure, between the modules.
The furniture.
The tables echo the cloud, they are based on a simple tensegrity module.The bar and reception desks are designed as an extension of the structure andmade up of a network of modules.

Team Chizuko Kawarada, Aurélie Vernon, Cavaliere Francesco*, Ivan Catin-Martell*, Marika Maione*, Mariya Popova Bricard Construction Technal Cooperation Technal Facility Technal Accumulation Technal Illumination Technal Photography ©︎ Anne Vachon Productions