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Japan 2015Tsumiki

Pavilion | Product

Tsumiki is a set of wooden blocks designed primarily for children’s play at the request by Mr. Ryuichi Sakamoto. This is a light version of it like a bunch of twigs. Instead of piling up solid blocks in masonry as you do with Tsumiki, use of twigs aims to reach a big whole by weaving up thin and narrow sticks. Here we used cedar from Miyazaki prefecture of 7mm-thick and reinforced its corners in a traditional method called Nukisashi (taking out and putting in), to build this light system of Tsumiki. Weaving up of twigs enabled us to construct a form that was far more flexible than masonry.

Team Minoru Yokoo, Shuhei Kamiya* Publication Casa BRUTUS 2022/03 vol.263 , Casa BRUTUS 2016/01 Vol.190 , Shinkenchiku 2015/12 , Casa BRUTUS 2015/11 vol.188