©Earl Carter

Australia 2020Botanical Pavilion


This project aims at showcasing the timber that was felled from the botanical garden trees. Instead of disposing it we displayed the different essences of wood building a pavilion around them. The visitor will move through it experiencing the different type of wood and the filtering light between the structure.

The structure is made of wooden elements interlocking like a puzzle to form structural arches, the joints are loose but when all the elements are in place the structure becomes stable. It is not enclosed but is permeable, the light and air penetrate from the porous wooden skin of the pavilion recreating a forest-like landscape.

The structure is entirely recyclable and can be disassembled and assembled in a different place.

Team Anteo Taro Boschi Sanada, Yasmine Zahlan*, Philippe Chassais, Victoria Boutroux, Jason Yang*, Andrea Terceros* Construction McCorkell Constructions Pty Cooperation Ejiri Structural Engineers Award Architizer Awards in the Architecture + Art category Photography ©︎ Earl Carter