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Italy 2018Kodama Pavilion


Arte Sella is a holy place for environmental artworks in Italy. In this beautiful forest we created a spherical pavilion of 4 meter-high by assembling pieces of solid (Japanese) larch, each in the thickness of 58mm, without using a single metal fitting or glue. It is an experiment of a new “democratic” way of construction that proves a big and relaxed space can be built by the work of human hands alone with small unified components.

This natural and modernistic pavilion was realized in the precision of 1mm, which was the product of collaboration among Professor Marco Imperadori at Politecnico di Milano, Marco Clozza of D3WOOD, and Jun Sato, structural engineer, Ri-Legno,wooden construction company.

Team Javier Villar Ruiz, Hirano Toshiki*, Takahiro Hirayama* Construction D3 Wood Cooperation Jun Sato Structural Engineers