©Eiichi Kano

China 2013Forest for living

Pavilion | Exhibition

In this project, we fitted together 25-millimeter-thick pieces of structural karamatsu (larch) plywood to create a cloud-shaped pavilion that enables a life among the trees.
We eliminated categorical distinctions between structure, partition, and furniture with the goal of leading people back to a state where thin pieces of wood seem to float around in the air. We have always dreamt of providing architecture that could respond flexibly to flow of human life, and this simple assembly of small, identical units realized it. The pavilion, which reminds us of a peaceful state in a former time when people lived among the trees was the first in a series of structures that involve fitting together thin pieces of wood.

Publication GA JAPAN 127 , GA JAPAN 125 Photography ©︎ Eiichi Kano