©Takumi Ota

Italy 2015Irori & Paper cocoon


Human beings have lived always revolving around “fire.” “IRORI” is a “freehand kitchen” like a landscape, designed to live life with “fire.”

“IRORI” is composed of bamboo boards and steel pipes. Centering around “fire,” these components can make a table, bench, orshelves at your will by being extended or subtracted.

As your life expands and contracts, so does the kitchen. The white “cocoon” wrapping up “IRORI” is made of special paper called “vulcanized paper” of 1mm-thick. “The Cocoon” is generated by twisting and weaving this supple paper obi (sash). It is a starter of a new life with “fire” in the soft “cocoon” at its heart.

Team Shin Oba, Mamiya Tanaka*, Shanyun Huang*, Erika Mikami Construction Time & Style Cooperation Ejiri Structural Engineers Illumination Viabizzuno Award ELLE DECO International Design Award Publication Shinkenchiku 2015/07 , Casa BRUTUS 2015/07 vol.184 , GA HOUSES 142 , GA JAPAN 133 Photography ©︎ Takumi Ota