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Japan 2019Takumi Craft Connection-Kyoto

Pavilion | Exhibition

We’ve taken part in an exhibition of a project titled LEXUS NEW TAKUMI PROJECT, which promotes Japan’s “Takumi”, fine craftsmanship, throughout Japan. This time, we designed the venues for this exhibition that took place at two distinctive places in Kyoto, Gaku-den of Heian Jingu and the former printing house for Kyoto Shimbun.
At Heian Jingu, we worked with two young craftsmen to create two objects. With Kenta Hirai, we produced a cocoon-shaped pavilion titled GURU-GURU by bending pieces of cedar trees from Yoshino-yama mountian. The second object was with Daisuke Iwamoto from Tosa (Kochi prefecture). He is an expert of kumiko, an art of interlocking wooden blocks, and together we made a piece of furniture with a set of curved kumiko.

Team Shin Oba, Mitsuharu Yoshisato, Yuya Mori Photography ©︎ JINGU Ooki