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Japan 2022Special Exhibition “Analogy of Couture – Constructing Garment / Knitting Architecture”

Pavilion | Exhibition

This exhibition was produced in collaboration with Yasutoshi Ezumi who runs the fashion brand EZUMi.
For this exhibition, “Knitting Architeture” that interacts with Ezumi’s “Constructing Garment” was coutured by using a textile that is light and soft to the touch, rather than heavy and hard building materials.
While trying out various types of textile, we came to empathized with the circulating production process and decided to to use “TUTTI® BOARD” which is made from recycled fibers.
This textile is a felt-like polyester fiber made by shredded clothing that was meant to be disposed, as well as remnants produced during the manufacturing process. It not only permits the reduction of waste, but it is a material with a recyclable production and consumption cycle and can also be reused semi-permanently by cutting it into smaller pieces and reshaping.
Three-dimensional curves on a human scale that softly envelop the space are created by drawing a pattern on the supple fabric and making slits in it.
The material itself has almost no stretchability, but the woven structure enables the fabric to expand and contract as a whole so that it follows complicated shapes. When it is no longer needed, it can be folded into smaller size and carried by hand, allowing it to be rebuilt anywhere.
By using a light and gentle, cloth-like textile, a pleasant “textured environment”—this is inspired from the concept once proposed by Gottfried Semper as “textile art”—was created as a link between clothing and architecture that resonates with the body.

Team Hajime Kita, Ikuma Yamamoto Construction KuRoKo Inc. Photography ©︎ IMT, ©︎ KuRoKo Inc.