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Japan 2008Asahi Broadcasting Corporation

16F / 1BF

The new building of ABC aims to blend humans, nature and architecture into one. The two large ‘Gardens’, one on the ‘River Deck’ along the river and the other ‘Sky Terrace’ on the roof, are the devices for the people to enjoy the nature of the river to the fullest.

The exterior wall facing the river is covered with a hound’s tooth lattice made of recycled wood, which works to relieve the hardness of the architecture. The recycled wood applied in the lattice brings in the wind, while shutting off the solar radiation, and the use of such wood contributes to a reduction of the level of carbon dioxide in the air. This also is a device to connect the river and the architecture, in order to provide comfort in the urban environment. The traditional Japanese lattice was the insight for this wood, a material which is both old and new, and friendly to the earth.

Team Minoru Yokoo, Teppei Fujiwara*, Masamichi Hirabayashi*, Junpei Matsushima* Exterior PLACEMEDIA, Landscape Architects Collaborative Award 第29回 大阪都市景観建築賞 緑化賞, 第12回 屋上・壁面・特殊緑化技術コンクール 国土交通大臣賞(屋上緑化部門), Good Design Award 2009 Publication Shoten Kenchiku 2010/11 Vol.55 No.11 , Shinkenchiku 2010/07 , Kindai Kenchiku 2009/07 Vol.63 , JA : The Japan Architect 2009/Winter 72, YEARBOOK 2008 , Nikkei Architecture 2008/10/27 No.886 , Kindai Kenchiku 2008/10 Vol.62 , Shinkenchiku 2008/08 , Shinkenchiku 2008/07 , Nikkei Architecture 2007/01/22 No.840