©Nicolas Waltefaugle

France 2013Besançon Art Center and Cité de la Musique


Located in the eastern part of France, Besancon is also known as the city where Seiji Ozawa won the first prize at the International Competition of Orchestra Conductors (1959). Situated in the center of the city along the banks of the Doubs River, this multipurpose cultural facility is part of the FRAC project in France to stimulate cultural activity in regional areas, and features a music hall, contemporary art museum and conservatory (music school).

The brick-clad warehouse that was built in the 1930s was converted into a museum. This structure, as well as the newly built music hall and conservatory are covered with a large green roof to tie them all together. Voids are provided between the respective boxes, and this space is covered by a green roof with a mosaic of plants and solar panels that allows soft light to come through.

Team Yuki Ikeguchi, Jun Shibata, Sarah Marquert*, Elise Fauquembergue Construction SAS Laubeuf, HEFI, Soprema, Avenir Bois Structures Cooperation EGIS Grand Est Facility EGIS Grand Est Accumulation CHOLLEY Exterior RFR, L'Anton Others ARCHIDEV, IMHOFF, FORCLUM ALSACE FRANCHE-COMTE, Changement A Vue, Lamoureux Publication JA : The Japan Architect 2015/Winter 96,YEARBOOK2014 , Shinkenchiku 2014/03 , Nikkei Architecture 2014/02/25 No.1018 , GA DOCUMENT 126 , Casa BRUTUS 2013/11 vol.164 , GA JAPAN 124 , Nikkei Architecture 2009/05/25 No.900 , Casa BRUTUS 2008/07 , Shinkenchiku 2007/11 , Shinkenchiku 2007/11 , Shinkenchiku 2007/11 『a+u』『新建築住宅特集』3誌合同特別冊子 , Shinkenchiku 2007/10 , Nikkei Architecture 2007/09/10 No.856 , Nikkei Architecture 2007/09/10 No.856 , GA JAPAN 88 , Shinkenchiku 2007/09 Photography ©︎ Nicolas Waltefaugle, ©︎ Stefan Girard