©Insects: Models for Design” 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, 2019 Satoshi Asakawa

Japan 2019Caddisfly Nest


「Hair Nest」Alan Burden
「Nest of Magnet」Norihiro Ejiri
「Ultra-thin Washi Nest」Jun Sato

KKAA was invited to design three pavilions for Exhibition “Insects: Models for Design”, curated by graphic designer Taku Sato and supervised by anatomist Dr. Takeshi Yoro.
We asked three engineering-designers (Jun Sato, Norihiro Ejiri, and Alan Barden) to join us in creating a structure modeled on the Trichopteran or Caddisfly, an insect which builds its shelter by simply gathering things that exist nearby.

Jun Sato worked on an object using a frame of Cypress and Keyaki (Zelkova) with a very thin 3mm cross section and the thinnest washi in the world. Ejiri stuck together balls with strong magnetic force, and Alan presented a shell structure made from human hair.

Bricolage is the term for collecting fragments from our surroundings in order to create a new structure. KKAA is also looking for ways to develop bricolage.

Team Tomohiro Matsunaga, Sungyeon Won, Hossam Elbrrashi* Cooperation Ejiri Structural Engineers, Structured Environment, The University Of Tokyo Publication Shinkenchiku 2022/09 , Shinkenchiku 2019/09 Photography ©︎ 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, ©︎ Satoshi Asakawa