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China 2022KKAA tour exhibition “Architecture for the Five Senses”

On Going

“Architecture for the Five Senses” — is a tour exhibition by KKAA in China. The first exhibition in Beijing was shown at the Guardian Art Center, and it is scheduled to travel to multiple cities in China, including Shanghai.

Especially because we live in an era where visual information has become saturated in the developing digital network, we aimed to create an exhibition where visitors can feel the characteristics of KKAA’s works that appeal to all of our “five senses.” We placed KKAA’s works in various forms of media, such as models, drawings, real-scale mockups, videos, installations, music, scents, and calligraphy works specially created for the exhibition. Inside this “bamboo garden,” visitors can interact with KKAA’s various works with all their physical senses.

Instead of applying conventional table-type display counters, we placed the model directly on structures made of diagonal members so that they appear floating in the garden-like exhibition space. At the venue’s entrance, as an arrival space for all visitors to pass through, we set up a tunnel-like installation “Bamboo Passage”, made of 10,000 bamboo pieces. In the later part of the exhibition, we displayed a new tea room design named “Bamboo Flow”.

This architectural exhibition, where one can feel and experience the various contents through their “five senses,” provides a place to revive the visitors’ physicality lost during the pandemic.

Team Hirokatsu Asano, Siwen Liu, Yun Hong*, Jiwen Hu*, Bingjie Wang*, Yicheng Gao*, Kitty Ma, Yencheng Shen, Bo Qiao*, Minghui Xiong, Sihan Li, Ziyao Li*, Yichao Du, Tong Ouyang*, Yifei Cai, Jiajia Zhao, Bai Mo, Justin Xu, Fangfang Wei, Yangyang Yue, Xiaoxuan Zhou 2*, Ran Mo, Ziming Wu, Linda Pan*, Yiwen Shen*, Siushan Wong*, Go Terasawa, Anri Kubo, Ben Nitta, Sho Koike, Xingyue Sun* Others Guardian Art Center (嘉德芸術中心), R Photography Art Museum (R国际影像), Yuya Haryu (波立裕矢), Tomo Ando (安藤巴), Ryo Kusunose (楠瀬亮), NPO Shonan Yueiza (NPO湘南遊映坐), NILLab Photography ©︎ CreatAR, ©︎ Zhu Yumeng (朱雨蒙)