© Takumi Ota

Japan 2018Ireko


Yokohama, Japan
Köln, Germany

This mobile pavilion is inspired by Japanese traditional craft called “Ireko: Nesting” .
It is assembled from various size of aluminum boxes, which can be easily dismantled and put together again in a nest-like structure. With these laser-cut aluminum boxes, KKAA and GC have created an airy configuration, emulating the branches of a tree. When the boxes are stacked up, an inspirational space appears, like trees in a forest.

The concept of “Ireko: Nesting” merges Japanese traditional craftsmanship with advanced technology, an idea also adopted as GC’s corporate philosophy; a conservative yet innovative approach.

Team Shin Oba, Yu Watabe, Tiancheng Zhang Cooperation Ejiri Structural Engineers Photography ©︎ Alina Cuerten, ©︎ Takumi Ota