Japan 2024Juju


For this project, we were asked to design a series of chairs. Our concept was to represent the rich diversity of Japanese culture by selecting five different regions and pairing them with specific timber species native to that area. Tokyo (Cedar), Mt. Fuji (Karamatsu), Karuizawa (White Birch), Kyoto (Bamboo), and Okinawa (Hirugi), each have distinctive trees that lend their unique charm and personality to the place. This character is expressed within the design of each chair, wherein we go beyond the texture of the material to directly express the character of wood. We imagined the way trees grow naturally in each location, and created a chair that allows you to experience the primordial sensation of sitting on a stump in that specific place. Through this work, we hope to provide people with an experience that allows them to feel a deep connection with nature while retracing their memories.

Team Kazuhiko Miyazawa, Mikuru Hirasawa Others Time & Style, DEN-WORKS, サボア Photography ©︎ Kazuhiko Miyazawa