©Masayuki Hayashi

Japan 2019Kumahida


We were commissioned to design a chair and table for the 100th year anniversary for Hida Sangyo Co. Ltd, a furniture manufacturer which inherits the Hida woodwork tradition (“Hida no Takumi”).

For the chair, we aimed to achieve a design soft to touch, yet visually sharp and light. Using a single bentwood (“mageki”) to connect the front legs, arms, and back rail, the spindle wood section gently and minimally twists around in a ribbon structure. The seat is slightly sculpted to ergonomically fit the human body, with the ends carved to a 10mm thickness give it a weightless appearance.
For the table, the tabletop edges are carved to a 4mm thickness, a thin line to evoke lightness. The legs also use a spindle wood section, tilted slightly to express movement like a creature in the forest.

This organic form was only realized due to the enduring and refined experience of Hida Sangyo Co.Lld working with bentwood (“mageki”) and wood carving techniques.

Team Kazuhiko Miyazawa, Keisuke Narisawa Others Hida Sangyo Photography ©︎ Masayuki Hayashi