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France 2022La Pointe du Bout – 5 stars Hotel

Hospitality | Retail/Cafe/Restaurant
On Going
3F / 1BF

The project consists of the design of a 5* Hotel & Spa on a lush peninsula between the Caribbean Sea and Fort-de-France Bay, a wasteland where nature has reclaimed its land after the demolition of “Le Méridien”, a typical 70’s Resort Hotel made from concrete.

Our aim was to create a discreet and humble project at the opposite end of what Le Méridien symbolized as a modern architectural icon. Our project, re-interpreting Caribbean architecture particularities, slips smoothly into the region by centering around the existing vegetation to blend with nature.

Made of timber structures and scorched wooden façades, the decomposition of the project into particles allows it to fit harmoniously into the peninsula. The roofs are oriented and designed to intersperse between the line of natural relief and the canopy of royal palms. This gentle insertion magnifies the nature of the site and is a resilient answer to significant climatic and seismic local constraints.

Team Matthieu Wotling, Jean-Charles Canas*, Marika Maione*, Alban Altier, Ivana Jordanovska*, Yohei Mochizuki Construction EGIS Grand Est Cooperation BERIM Facility BERIM Accumulation AE75 Exterior LBD PAYSAGES Illumination Ph.A Others RDAI, AE75, AVA, AKT 2, Hilson Moran, LUXIGON