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Japan 2005Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum


I decided that I wanted to link two sites separated by the canal in the middle into one art museum that has display space open to the canal, integrating the water, canal and nature with the art inside. The roof is covered with grass, making it another “green museum”.

Construction Taisei Corporation Cooperation Nihon Sekkei Facility Nihon Sekkei Accumulation Nihon Sekkei Exterior Nihon Sekkei Illumination ALG-Architectural Lighting Group Award 2009年度建築九州賞 作品賞, JIA Award, 2007 Annual Architectural Design Commendation, 第47回 建築業協会賞 , The 47th Building Contractors Society (bcs) Prize, Good Design Award 2005 Publication Casa BRUTUS 2020/11 vol.247 , Casa BRUTUS 2020/11 vol.247 , Casa BRUTUS 2012/09 Vol.150 , Pen 2006/11/15 , Casa BRUTUS 2006/03 Vol.72 , Casa BRUTUS 2006/01 Vol.70 , Kindai Kenchiku 2005/07 Vol.59 , Nikkei Architecture 2005/05/30 No.797 , Nikkei Architecture 2005/05/30 No.797 , GA JAPAN 2005/05-06 74 , Shinkenchiku 2005/05 , Casa BRUTUS 2005/05 vol.62