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Japan 2018Sakatsuri Lamp


These suspended ceiling lights were designed by KKAA for the Asahi Shuzo Main Dassai Store.
We took on the challenge of expanding the size limit possible with the techniques used to make 3D shapes with Aoya Washi paper from the Aoya region in Tottori Prefecture, taking a hint from the Sake making process used in the past during which bags were used to suspend the Sake.
Aoya Washi paper is one of the most famous types of Washi paper in Japan, and is known for its connection with Shoya Yoshida, a leader in the folk-art movement in Tottori. This became an important opportunity for KKAA to cooperate with this location that we have a special connection in view of our desire to promote the contemporary folk-art movement.


Team Minoru Yokoo, Shun Horiki