Shikada Shitsurai Showroom

Japan 2023Shikada Shitsurai Showroom


We designed a showroom with a workshop attached for Shikada Sangyo, a Japanese company that has been honing the traditional technique of “Yame-Sudare”, the making of bamboo blinds, for over 100 years. By integrating the materials of bamboo and rattan into the design of the showroom, we aimed to convey the power and potential of the natural materials through the space itself.
Bamboo Sudare is deployed in multiple ways throughout the space: as an arched light ceiling at the entrance, a blind-like partition, a material for the walls of small rooms, furniture, and lighting.
Woven rattan brightens the space as lighting covers and fabric panel displays. Its inherent softness creates the graceful lines of furniture designed in collaboration with “Hitofudegaki.”
The entire space is tied together by a 66-meter-long Sudare which swirls upward like a tornado to the ceiling, enveloping the bamboo and rattan-focused workshop and showroom.

Team Nahoko Yoshii, Naoto Miyake Construction Kaneko Kensetsu Joint Design Hiroshige