USA 2016Shizuku by Chef Naoko

Interior | Commercial | Retail/Cafe/Restaurant

Portland is a key city of the West Coast in the U.S., drawing attention from the world as a pioneer of compactness and scale. Shizuku by Chef Naoko is a Japanese restaurant located near the center of its downtown. Their all-handmade dishes, taking full advantage of the local and organically grown ingredients, are also known to the rest of the world.

The space in the restaurant is gently divided with sudare, a diaphanous screen made with thin bamboo sticks. By turning the direction of hanging from the traditional horizontal to a simple yet surprising vertical orientation, it became possible to realize softly curved and flexible surfaces. The screen resembles the shape of aurora, and with the light filtering through the screens, the restaurant acquires a good sense of comfort.

Team Balazs Bognar Construction Kems Woodworks Exterior Sadafumi Uchiyama Landscape Architect With Walker Macy Others Lorraine Guthrie Architect Award Merit Award for Interior Architecture 2020 Photography ©︎ Jeremy Bittermann