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Italy 2007Stone Card Castle


We were asked by a stone company to design a pavilion to exhibit their Pietra Serena products. We thought the best way was to use the Pietra Serena stone itself as the main architectural element so we could express its beauty in many different ways and explore its new possible applications and possibilities.

We chose to use the principle of the triangle as a stable shape assembling three 10mm thick stone boards. This stable triangular unit and its repetition allowed us recreate a massive but at the same time extremely light and subtle new world made out of stone. The density and strength of the Pietra Serena and its unique homogeneous (almost colorless) non-textured surface made this surprising light stone construction appear as a built abstract idea.

Team Javier Villar Ruiz, Cristina Gimenez Martin*, Ryota Torao* Construction Il Casone Cooperation Ejiri Structural Engineers Illumination Targetti Publication Shinkenchiku 2008/02