©Takumi Ota

Japan 2010Stone Roof

4F / 1BF

Using different natural materials in gradation could create an organic and fluid space. Different materials here are stone (granite) and American pine. It does not simply mean a physical shift from to one material to another, but also in terms of their weight, permeability, and roughish texture. We designed details of this building this way.

In this process we came up with an idea of “standing the stone.” In our past works, we made louvers with stone, hang a screen of stone, piled up stones in graduation. This time we put stone in a standing position, and with which you could control the roughness of the face of the stone.

Team Keiko Yoshida*, Makoto Shirahama* Publication Shinkenchiku Jutaku Tokushu 2012/01 , Shinkenchiku 2012/12 別冊 「施工から読み解く建築 北野建設の仕事」 , GA HOUSES 122 , GA JAPAN 111 , GA HOUSES 115 Photography ©︎ Takumi Ota