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Japan 2023Yamagata Dantsu


Handcrafted carpets were a farming off-season craft in the bitter cold winter in Yamagata. In our collaboration with Yamagata Dantsu, a long-established Yamagata carpet brand, we have been challenging ourselves to create a more natural, warm, and new texture to handcrafted carpets. Our involvement with Oriental Carpet began during our project for the 5th phase of the Kabuki-za, where the lobby employed an iconic phoenix design carpet.
In the first collaboration, we recreated the unique and delicate texture of natural moss by using wool and silk with varying tuft lengths to create depth.
Three layers of wool create a gradient texture like a forest canopy. Frieze wool, which has a heavy twist, creates a rough texture reminiscent of tree leaves that brings the forest into the built environment.
We recreated a “Karesansui” (Japanese dry garden) using frieze wool and varying tuft lengths, expressing flows like rippled water and white sand.
Inspired by “yuton,” a traditional craft from the Edo era that uses layered sheets of washi as a floor mat, we designed a three-dimensional carpet using washi, wool, and silk. Washi threads created from twisted pieces of washi create a unique experience to walk on.


Team Minoru Yokoo, Asami Igarashi, Rika Hiratsuji*, Shuhei Yamane*