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Thailand 2018Amanpuri Retail Pavilion


We designed a new light and transparent icon beside the entrance to the world-class Amanpuri Resort in Phuket.

Gaps were provided between the roof sections while obtaining hints from the traditional Thai design of a continuous gable roof with different heights in order to channel light inside, achieving a feeling of transparency and floating that is not found in traditional architecture. CLT structural sheets were used for the roof sections that have a cross section like a microscope, and the roof is covered with scale-like aluminum panels. This scale-like detail is randomly covered with bark shingles in order to expand the scale and provide the roof with a rhythm that is in harmony with the surrounding forest.

Team Balazs Bognar, Naoki Nitta, Richard Nelson, Martina Bandolin, Adrian Yau*, William Golding* Construction Architects11 Cooperation ARUP, Venturer Exterior TROP Illumination ARUP Award Prix Versailles 2020 (Continental Level) – Shops & Stores Photography ©︎ Balazs Bognar