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Japan 2004Canal Court Codan Block 3

Residential | Retail/Cafe/Restaurant
14F / 1BF

This project represents a new concept in public housing. It is located on reclaimed land in Tokyo, and combines dwellings, offices (SOHO – Small Offices, Home Offices), commercial facilities and public facilities.

Multi-family housing in the 20th century has tended to only contain space for dwellings, eliminating other functions from the structure. This concept has been particularly dominant in Japanese public housing. The result has been a loss in the completeness of functions necessary for a high quality of life. This multi-family housing project mixes functions to the greatest extent possible, restoring a well-rounded quality and functionality to life here.

A “Communication Atrium” is located in the center portion of the structure, and it is surrounded by 60 m2 basic units and 25 m2 annex units. The annex units can each be used as a bedroom, study, SOHO, store or for a number of other purposes. Combining multiple uses and sizes in the structure in effect creates a three-dimensional street. This is an evolution of the concept originally tried by Le Corbusier in his Unité d’Habitation project, and consists of an exhaustive emphasis on creating a three-dimensional structure from the random chaos of the street. Individual families can utilize multiple units on both sides of the communication atrium, facilitating planning of networked housing. The project also provides an alternative to conventional 20th century type housing for a variety of extended families.

All roof space is used as a flower or vegetable garden for the inhabitants, making it more productive than the roof garden on the Le Corbusier project.

Team Toshio Yada*, Makoto Shirahama*, Teppei Ishibashi*, Ryotaro Obata* Award The 47th Building Contractors Society (BCS) Special Prize, Good Design Award 2005 (Canal Court Codan Block 3), Good Design Award 2004 Publication GA JAPAN 163 , Shinkenchiku 2016/04 別冊・都市 (まち) を再生させる 時代の要請に応えるUR都市機構の実行力 , Shinkenchiku 2006/09 , Nikkei Architecture 2006/03/20 No. 818 , Nikkei Architecture 2005/10/31 No.808 , Shinkenchiku 2005/06 , Nikkei Architecture 2005/05/02 No.795 , JA : The Japan Architect 2005/Winter 56, YEARBOOK 2004 , Casa BRUTUS 2004/10 vol.55 , Shinkenchiku 2004/05 , GA JAPAN 68 , JA : The Japan Architect 2003/Spring 49 , Shinkenchiku 2001/11 臨時増刊 – 建築20世紀4人の建築家が問う1990年代 , Casa BRUTUS 2001/04 vol.13 , Shinkenchiku 2000/12