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China 2019Fabric / Cloud

Commercial | Exhibition

We prepared an Installation for the Shanghai Motor Show. Using a new textile made using triaxial weaving, we created a three-dimensional fabric that is similar to origami to gently define the border between booths. Normally, warp and weft are the two components used to make a textiles, but triaxial weaving uses three yarns components which enable the fabric to retain its pressed shape for a long period of time.
In order to generate a three dimensional collection of small rhomboids, we applied the geometry of Miura weaving to make pleats, and named the entire fabric “cloud,” in tribute to the various different shadows that are created by the pleats. The “cloud” can be easily disassembled into separate units to facilitate transportation, and reassembled at the next motor show elsewhere in the world.

Team Satoshi Adachi, Taro Awano, Takahiro Hirayama*, Ben Nitta, Fumiki Sugawara Construction Expomobilia AG