China 2020Hangzhou Daqing Valley Senior Community

Residential | Hospital
5F / 2BF

Daqinggu Elderly Housing Facility, which is surrounded by rich Longjing Tea garden, built on a site about 15km west of Xi Lake in Hangzhou.
A long and narrow building was designed along the north-south site with a total length of 520 m.

Hangzhou is famous as a high-precipitation area where it rains for half a year.
The entire site is designed in such a way that rain shelter is always covered when moving between the residential building, clubhouse, and clinic.
The residential units are arranged to rotate 30 degrees southward, enabling a comfortable living environment with maximum sunshine.

By extending the landscape axis in parallel between two long and narrow buildings, a sense of emptiness is created even in the dense buildings.

Hangzhou is an ancient city that prospered during the Nansong Dynasty.
The white plaster walls, overlapping tiled roofs, shoji screens, and etc, which are symbols of the Nansong Dynasty aesthetics, are applied to the façade with concise and delicate details.

Team Tomoyuki Hasegawa, Mengfei Wu, Chung-Yi Lin*, Meng Wei Lai, Hanyu Wang, Shoki An, Kimio Suzuki, Yerim Yang*, Eungun Kim*, Liang Zhang* Cooperation Zhejiang Province Institute Of Architectural Design And Research Facility Zhejiang Province Institute Of Architectural Design And Research Exterior Ueya Kato Landscape Photography ©︎ CreatAR