©Erieta Attali

Japan 2013Kids Academy Taiyogaoka Hoikuen


We attempted to bring children closer to the ground by building a nursery that is close to the ground. The building is made from wood, the exterior walls are covered with wood and plants, the roof is flat to reduce the height of the ceiling, and the interior floor is inclined to match the slope of the surrounding ground. All of these features were adopted in order to assimilate the structure into the ground.

We created a condition in which small wood particles are floating on top of the ground. Artificial interior divisions such as corridors and rooms are eliminated, and the interior space continues seamlessly with the floors slightly inclined. We created many niche-like caves within this continuous space. Caves also consist of a tool that allows people to reconnect with the earth. The children are encouraged to find a place of their own in these small caves.

Team Minoru Yokoo, Takeyuki Saita*, Satoshi Onomichi Construction NEW HOUSE Cooperation Ejiri Structural Engineers Facility Kankyo Engineering Award Kanazawa Urban Structure Award, Governor’s Prize For Ishikawa Good Landscape Award Publication GA JAPAN 123 Photography ©︎ Erieta Attali