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N/A 2021Kadokawa Dowango Educational Institute VR Campus


We designed a new school building using water as material for N High School and S High School, progressive online high schools, in a virtual space that is completely free from limitations imposed in the real world.

To make the huge structure transparent and fresh without being intimidating, we designed a space with water endlessly overflowing from the everlasting spirals.

The tower that grows high into the sky like a plant with big spirals branching out, represents the “learning spiral” of the developing young generation. We aimed to create an impressive virtual architecture that the students at N High School and S High School would cherish as their alma mater and remember even after their graduation.

Team Suguru Watanabe, Tomohiro Matsunaga, Shuntaro Tsuchie Publication Nikkei Architecture 2021/01/14 No.1183 , Casa BRUTUS 2021/01 vol.249