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Japan 2017INIAD HUB-1 Faculty of Information Networking for Innovation and Design, Toyo University


This campus in Akabanedai is dedicated to Toyo University’s new faculty focusing on the theme of IoT. Professor Ken Sakamura, who heads the Department of Information Networking for Innovation and Design (INIAD), is known as the leader of ubiquitous computing.
We aimed to create the most cutting-edge IoT campus in the world, and sought ways to translate the free and open environment of ubiquitous computing into architecture. One of them was the design for the façade, which was realized with aluminum panels on which patterns of wood are directly printed. The panels are given a new type of texture, and are set randomly as though particles have been scattered around. They also function as sunlight control and the cover for the ventilation facility outside. The printed pattern on the panels has become effective in creating a warm and human atmosphere for the campus, too.

Team Kenji Miyahara, Suguru Watanabe, Tessei Suma*, Katsuhito Komatsu*, Minako Izumi* Construction Toda Corporation Cooperation Toda Corporation Facility Toda Corporation Accumulation Toda Corporation Publication Shinkenchiku 2019/01 , Shinkenchiku 2018/12 , Kindai Kenchiku 2017/07 Vol.71 , GA JAPAN 146 , Nikkei Architecture 2017/01/26 Photography ©︎ Kawasumi-Kobayashi Kenji Photograph Office