©Takumi Ota

Japan 2015Komatsu Seiren Fabric Laboratory Fa-Bo

Office | Factory

This is a renovation of an office building in rigid-frame RC structure to strengthen its quake resistance using carbon fiber, and transform the interior into a museum called Fab Labo, a space to display the technology of Komatsu Seiren, the client company. Drawing from a technique of braiding ropes in this region, it became possible to add further flexibility to the carbon fiber.

The fiber rod is said to be ten times stronger than iron, and this is the very first time that this material was used as a means of reinforcement against earthquakes. The potential of this light and soft fiber is explored inside the building as well. There is a lighting duct in fiber and on the rooftop, an experimental greening is being conducted using porous ceramic panels (called Greenbiz), which was generated from the process of producing fiber.

Team Makoto Shirahama*, Satoshi Adachi, Shun Horiki, Mizuho Ozawa, Miki Sato, Hirotaka Mashiko, Masafumi Harigai* Construction Shimizu Corporation Cooperation Ejiri Structural Engineers Facility Kankyo Engineering Illumination Izumi Okayasu Lighting Design Award 第23回いしかわ景観賞, Good Design Award 2017, SDA Award 2016 (50th) (Komatsu Seiren Fabric Laboratory Fa-Bo) Publication GA JAPAN 151 , Nikkei Architecture 2016/6/23 No.1074 , DETAIL 2016/04 208 , Casa BRUTUS 2016/02 vol.191 , Shinkenchiku 2016/01 , Nikkei Architecture 2014/07/25 No.1028 Photography ©︎ Shinkenchiku, ©︎ Takumi Ota