Kyoto Yudo Pavilion | Kengo Kuma and Associates
©Kei Sugimoto

Japan 2021Kyoto Yudo Pavilion


We designed a temporary fabric pavilion that floats in the bamboo grove of a temple in Kyoto. Flat “Tyvek" sheets were woven into a three-dimensional structure, and a bathtub was placed underneath this “fabric architecture" to create a semi-outdoor bath, where visitors could play with the hot water in the filtered light. Hence, a simple flat surface was transformed into a three-dimensional "architecture".

The method of using the surrounding live bamboo as a support for the cloth is "defeated architecture" itself, as the white cloth sways when the wind blows.

Team Kazuhiko Miyazawa, Erika Mikami, Shoki An, Tomohiro Matsunaga Construction FHAMS, Kimura Industry Photography ©︎ Kei Sugimoto