©Hiroyuki Kawano

Japan 2012Kyushu Geibun Kan Museum (Main Building)

2F / 1BF

We redefined roof, one of the main elements in architectural vocabulary, as an assembly of small slopes. The museum is firmly rooted in the local community and is open to the environment in many respects. We also applied a variety of materials into the roof and the wall, as part of our attempt at “community-forming.” This village-like museum with “scattered roofs” is harmonized with its surrounding traditional hamlet. For structure, number of rigid triangles are piled up, which work to gain transparency and openness to the building.

Team Teppei Fujiwara*, Shuhei Kamiya*, Rika Hiratsuji*, Yu Momoeda*, Naoki Okayama Construction Kajima JV Cooperation Nihon Sekkei Facility Sanken Sekkei Accumulation Futaba Quantity Surveyors Illumination Izumi Okayasu Lighting Design Publication Shinkenchiku 2013/10 , Shinkenchiku 2013/09 , GA JAPAN 123 , GA JAPAN 120 , GA JAPAN 116 , GA JAPAN 109 , GA JAPAN 108 Photography ©︎ Erieta Attali, ©︎ Hiroyuki Kawano