Japan 2021Nabeshima Shoto Park Toilet

Pavilion | Community

In the lush forest of Shoto Park, we designed a “public restroom village”. 5 independent restroom units are covered with randomly angled live-edge cedar louvers. The units are connected by a “forest path”, blending into the forest.
Each restroom takes on unique characteristics in its planning, furnishing and interior finishes that fit various concepts, such as easy use for children, wheelchair accessibility, or maintenance of personal appearance.
By creating separated volumes for each restroom stall, we managed to create a “public restroom village” that allows circulation and natural ventilation to cut through the facility, an environment suitable for the post-covid era. Restrooms are becoming more diverse, more forest-like in its nature.

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Team Nahoko Yoshii, Moeko Yamagata, Jeongwon Kim, Kyoko Mase, Fumiki Sugawara Construction Daiwa House Industry Award Good Design Award 2021 Publication Casa BRUTUS 2024/6 vol.290 , DETAIL 2023/10 AUTUMN ISSUE No.238 , Nikkei Architecture 2023/07/27 No.1244 , GA JAPAN 181 , Nikkei Architecture 2021/08/26 , Casa BRUTUS 2021/01 vol.249 , Nikkei Architecture 2020/09/10 No.1175 Photography ©︎ SS, ©︎ Satoshi Nagare