China 2020Renewal for the 10th anniversary of The Opposite House

Renovation | Completed

A renewal design for the 10th anniversary of The Opposite House – a hotel in Beijing designed initially by KKAA. The renovation’s primary purpose was to relocate and optimize the position of the lobby, and we created a stone counter of a minimal expression with an origami-like backlight wall elevation made of Tyvek sheet.

We paid attention to the particle size as a unit and the durability for this origami by incorporating a special plastic backing. The motif of origami is also applied for curtains and lightings. The work is based on the idea of integrating soft materials such as fabrics and paper with hard objects of architecture by softening the hard-edged architecture and giving a slight sharpness to delicate fabrics.

Team Hirokatsu Asano, Siwen Liu, Tan Cheng*, Bohan Qiao* Construction 北京弘高建筑装饰设计工程 Cooperation PJ Design Group Facility 北京弘高建筑装饰设计工程 Illumination Firefly Lighting Design Others PJ Design Group Photography ©︎ CreatAR