©Eiichi Kano

China 2014Wuxi Vanke


In this project we renovated a cotton mill of red brick (1961), located near Taihu Lake, Wuxi Province, to a complex for art and shopping.

We got an idea from the shape of Taihu stone that was at the heart of Taihu culture, made porous panels with aluminum casting, combined them to create an ameba-shaped space, and inserted it to the rigid structure of brick.

Infinite number of the holes on the panel passes through sunlight and the gentle light fills the room of art. Past and future was linked by the material and the detail of the building.

Team Hirokatsu Asano, Kazuaki Hattori*, Erina Kuryu, Minoru Ko (Shi Hu)*, Lee Li Cheng* Cooperation Shigeo Agehara Exterior E-DESIGN Illumination Izumi Okayasu Lighting Design Photography ©︎ Eiichi Kano