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Japan 2022Yakisugi Forest

5F / 3BF

This residence was designed as a Forest on the border between the City and the Park. By covering the façade with Charred Ceder wood “Yakisugi”, the façade has taken harmony with surrounding forest and kept privacy of the residence. The Yakisugi used for the exterior façade is a 55mm thick plank with deep brushing to express delicate wood grain texture and softness of the wood. Furthermore, both sides of Yakisugi louver surface have been brushed so that the texture of it is continued indoors, creating a vertical forest-like space in the interior space.

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Team Javier Villar Ruiz, Seungjun Lee, Livert Lim*, Ziqi Feng* Construction Satohide Corporation Cooperation Kozo Keikaku Engineering Facility P.T.Morimura & Associates Exterior Iwaki Illumination Light IQ Photography ©︎ Katsu Tanaka