© Kengo Kuma & Associates – image by Michail Kafasis

フランス 2024World Heritage and Pyrenees National Park House in Gavarnie



Welcoming all the public and the inhabitants of the Pays Toy is the leitmotiv of the World Heritage House and the Pyrenees National Park in Gavarnie. As the heritage of tomorrow, it is part of its territory and landscape, in tune with the elements: water, sun, wind. The house accompanies and serves the site.
Setback, at a tangent to the Gave de Pau, it first offers a view of the grandiose landscape of the Gavarnie cirque, at the bend in the gully – glacial lock – already a witness to a singular geomorphology. Then it borders and links the water path, through a generous public space, in landscaped steps. Like an amphitheater echoing to the circus of Gavarnie.
Its expression is first and foremost a roof, like a leaf, composed of a generous thickness of thatch on the underside of thatch on the underside, offering a warm atmosphere, in memory of the highland farmers and haymaking that marked the seasons. A tool of great flexibility, the House is worked in free-standing. It has a multiple capacity, and multiple forms, with flexible scenography, all curved and fluid, like the currents.

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