© ︎Zhu Yumeng

China 2022Bamboo Flow


Bamboo Flow is a tea house designed for KKAA’s China tour exhibition “Architecture for the Five Senses.” To create a dynamic contrast with the main circulation, we placed this tea house with tranquility to generate an even more “garden-like” exhibition space with both busy and quiet vibes.

The tea room comprises three-dimensional screens made of 5 cm and 2 cm wide bamboo strips with different curvatures, set along a spiral form. The bamboo strips are fixed to small wooden pieces which are attached to the end of fork-shaped steel plates consisting of arms with different lengths. With all the bamboo curvatures installed along the structure, a teahouse with organic randomness of bamboo silhouette was installed in the quiet space.

Bamboo Flow is an installation that embodies the beauty of the “noise” in oriental art, such as the “faint” and “blur” of calligraphy and sounds of oriental musical instruments, which cannot simply be achieved with industrialized methods and materials.

Team Hirokatsu Asano, Yicheng Gao* Photography ©︎ CreatAR, ©︎ Zhu Yumeng (朱雨蒙)