Iwakura Musashino

Italy 2021Iwakura Musashino

Ischia Island

This stone fountain set in the Piazza Cristoforo Colombo on the western seafront of Ischia Island, Italy, was inspired by the Kadokawa Culture Museum located on the Musashino plateau in Japan. While the Kadokawa Culture Museum was finished in granite, this fountain is made of tonalite or Adamello granite, an Italian material similar to granite. The tonalite was cut out based on 3D data of the Kadokawa Culture Museum, first with a diamond wire saw, followed by 5-axis CNC machining. Stone was used to connect Japan and Italy, two places associated with volcanoes.
This project was made possible by Prof. Marco Imperadori (Politecnico di Milano) with his technical contribution to the engineering and production of the work, Daniel Pedretti of Pedretti Graniti, a quarrying and stone processing manufacturer, and Giovannangelo De Angelis, President of the PIDA Association. It was also realized with the support of the Municipality of Forio and the Ischia and Naples International Festival of Philosophy 2021.

Joint Design Giovannangelo De Angelis (Pres. PIDA Association), Andrea Mattera Photography ©︎ Enzo Rando