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China 2022Bamboo Passage


Bamboo Passage is an installation designed as the approach space for KKAA’s tour exhibition in China, “Architecture for the Five Senses.”

Using more than 10,000 pieces of 15mm wide and 3mm thick “flat bamboo” pieces, we created an installation like a tunnel piercing through a bamboo grove. It is made from a collection of curved lines naturally formed by balancing the reaction force and self-weight of the bamboo pieces. By adopting an organic space frame structure, we ensured the stability of the structure to let the visitors enjoy walking through and directly touching it.

Bamboo Passage is a “path” that connects the ordinary and the extraordinary, welcoming each visitor to the exhibition filled with expectations for the joy of the “five senses.”

Team Hirokatsu Asano, Yun Hong*, Jiwen Hu*, Ziyao Li*, Bingjie Wang*, Linda Pan* Photography ©︎ CreatAR, ©︎ Zhu Yumeng (朱雨蒙)