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Japan 2010Community Market Yusuhara

Community | Hospitality | Retail/Cafe/Restaurant

Yusuhara Marche is a boutique hotel operated by the town of Yusuhara in Kochi Prefecture which is known as “the town in the clouds”. It has 15 rooms centered around the atrium, which functions as a market for local produce. This allows people who visit the town to enjoy meals made with fresh ingredients beside the market.

A long time ago, there were rest houses called “Cha Do” with thatched roofs which served tea to the people traveling the path that went over the pass. Inspired by this tradition of hospitality, thatched sections were used for the exterior walls of this market. The thatched sections can be rotated up to provide ventilation.

Team Suguru Watanabe, Kazuhiko Miyazawa, Ryuya Umezawa* Construction Daioh Shinyo Cooperation Nakata Structural Design Office Facility シグマ設備設計室 Accumulation ケイズ設計 Publication Casa BRUTUS 2015/08 vol.185 , GA JAPAN 108 , Shinkenchiku 2010/11 Photography ©︎ Takumi Ota